Irish Rich List 2017
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Irish Rich List 2017
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2017 (2016)
Name Worth Rise/Fall Source of wealth
247= (new) Gilbert Little €59m New Telecoms
247= (203=) Brendan Mitchell €59m €5m Building supplies
247= (203=) Don and James Patterson €59m €5m Care homes, Property
254= (64=) Michael, Brian and Colin Enright and family €58m €121m Logistics
254= (235=) Joe and Danielle Morgan €58m €2m Engineering services
256= (239=) Paddy and Siofra Campbell €56m €1m Coffee
256= (218=) Karl McHugh and family €56m €6m Fishing
256= (new) Hugh and Anne McWilliams €56m New Construction
256= (235=) Thomas Morrisroe €56m - Telecoms
256= (235=) Derek Richardson €56m - Insurance
261= (225=) Sir Daniel and Lady Day-Lewis €55m €3m Films
261= (new) Joseph Murphy and family €55m New Property
263= (242=) Donagh Kelly €54m - Construction
263= (new) Owen Killian €54m New Food
263= (new) Michael O'Shea €54m New Investment
263= (242=) Domhnal Slattery €54m - Aviation
267= (new) Houghton Fry €53m New Packaging
267= (225=) John Kennedy €53m €5m Energy services
267= (225=) Kevin McNeany and family €53m €5m Schools
267= (225=) Tim and Tom O'Connor €53m €5m Utilities
267= (new) Liam and Kathleen Quinn €53m New Agricultural supplies
272= (new) Padraig Harrington €52m New Golf
272= (new) Frank Keane and family €52m New Car sales
272= (196=) Stewart Kenny €52m €16m Gambling
272= (218=) Gabriel, Terence and Leo Mangan €52m €10m Cash and carry
272= (225=) Peter and Pauline O'Donnell €52m €6m Building supplies
277= (new) Eugene, Eamonn and Michael Dalton and family €51m New Fuel distribution
277= (new) John Daly €51m New Finance
277= (new) Joe Higgins €51m New Property
277= (new) Gerard Ryan €51m New Medical technology
277= (222=) Ronnie Wilson and family €51m €9m Food
282= (new) Ray Coyle €49m New Entertainment, Food
282= (new) Michael Doyle €49m New Hotels, Construction
282= (new) Bob Geldof €49m New Television, Internet
282= (242=) Martin and Nora McCloskey €49m €5m Construction
282= (new) James and Rosemary Sheehan and family €49m New Healthcare
287= (new) Cathal and Michael Cannon €48m New Property
287= (new) Francis Mallon and family €48m New Meat
287= (new) Brian McKnight and family €48m New Building supplies
287= (new) Samir Naji €48m New Computers
291= (new) Michael Burke and Sir Tony and Lady McCoy and family €47m New Pharmaceuticals, Horseracing
291= (new) Jim Byrne and family €47m New Engineering
291= (225=) Alan Moore €47m €11m Electrical goods
291= (new) Thomas O'Donohoe €47m New Telecoms
295 (242=) Gerry and Caroline Samuels €46m €8m Internet
296 (new) Brian and Paul Gannon €45m New Software
297= (new) Niall Horan €44m New Music
297= (new) Michael Roden €44m New Property
299 (new) Brendan Mooney €41m New Software
300= (new) Chris de Burgh €40m New Music
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