Luke and Brian Comer
Rank 2017
A former Hertfordshire private school whose dining hall was used in the first three Harry Potter films is among the Comer brothers’ latest developments. The pair from Galway, who started out in business together as plasterers in 1971, sometimes working 18-hour days, are building 380 homes at Royal Connaught Park in Bushey, with prices of up to €3.2m. From a base in Barnet, north London, they built a British property portfolio then went into a recession-struck German market buying assets cheaply. In 2010, with the Irish economy in deep trouble and property prices in freefall, they turned their attention to their homeland and began buying at the bottom of the market there, too. The Comers, who own stud farms in Meath and Kildare, once told their local paper they had 500 companies worldwide and assets of €2.64bn. We can see €111.7m net assets in 14 British companies. Luke, 59, lives in Monaco while Brian, 57, has a Hertfordshire home complete with golf course.